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SkillsBreeder - LMS

Learning management made simple

Teaching employees everything they need to know to do their job effectively, can be relatively complex and difficult, but the system that manages that process need not be. This is where skillsBreeder comes into play. SkillsBreeder has it all. Fun and interactive learning clubbed with easy progress tracking.

skillsBreeder LMS is developed by Eduquestindia. Eduquest International Institute is appointed as an International Channel Partner of Eduquestindia for promoting SkillsBreeder LMS in Singapore.

Most LMS offer either a fun and interactive learning experience but troublesome growth tracking for the management, or they offer an easy tracking system that is boring and tiresome for the learners. But here is skillsBreeder, designed keeping in mind the needs of both the learner and the management. This makes it an overall successful LMS. Our leading management system supports learners of all calibres. We improve the way information is collected, collated, analysed and shared, providing rich functionality through an intuitive and engaging user interface. Our wrap-around services provide value-added information and support for data, security, storage and implementation.

Eduquestindia presents to you, a system that

  • Helps every individual assess themselves before and after a training module
  • Empowers learners with essential skills in management, leadership, inter-personal relations, etc
  • Provides an extensive multi-lingual e-Learning platform, for organisations and institutions
  • Encourages co-workers to engage and interact in a positive competition
  • Allows management to track performances through customised reports

For enquiries:

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Email : info@eduquest.com.sg

Features of skillsBreeder


Assessments and Quizzes

Each module is clubbed with pre and post assessments to measure the knowledge acquired.



Motivate participants with a course game where they can earn points and badges.



Use your own domain, logo, colour scheme and much more. Customize your communication emails. Tailor the system in depth to fit your precise needs.



Roles such us Administrator, Teacher and Student can be assigned to the registered users based on the level of rights.


SCORM / AICC Compliant

Support for the latest industry standard in content interoperability.


Discussion Forums

Participate in idea and knowledge sharing sessions with other learners.


Enhanced Reporting

Create or customize participant’s learning reports based on your own criteria.



Upload and embed audio/video files including YouTube into a course.


Conditional Activities

Conditions can be set to each activities in the course. This will help the users to complete the mandatory activities in a course.


Micro learning

Our modules are well planned and designed as bite-sized units. Each module can be selected and easily learnt according to the e-Learner's requirement.



Define and issue certificates of completion for learner achievements


Social Learning

Power of collaborative learning empowers the learner with the ability to support and be supported by other learners.